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The allies of darkness A highlight of hope peeks Justice is all it seeks in this state decay is all it reeks, Never break, Never break the peace A crowd full of half mongrels trying hard to be full breeds A pack of sardines, Screaming, 'We are fresh Tilapia'. its the age of paper praise… Continue reading Bond

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Always Forward

Never Backwards, Just like any river, its strength is in its source, Just like mother nature, She never weavers her wrath Always forwards, like a old strong steam train on a tight shift, Always steady into the future, like your thoughts when you remember Karma. Always forwards, when you're chasing that passion, never backwards, when… Continue reading Always Forward

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So far? So Far!

When life gives you all those ups and downs, that's what defines us. Mostly those excruciating downs, but I'm not here for sad stories and whiskey. My story is of treasures, the ones you find where you least expect, The kind of treasure on you can be able to know its true value And all… Continue reading So far? So Far!

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TRY: A conversation between man and knowledge.

Why do we sit down to question life? Is it to find new means to survive? Or is it the challenge that needs a victor Oh wait, is it the mere boredom that needs the devils agendas out of out minds? What is it to know? What is it to grow? what is it to… Continue reading TRY: A conversation between man and knowledge.